5 Traits of a High-Quality ​​Point of Entry Whole-House Water Filtration System

5 Traits of a High-Quality ​​Point of Entry Whole-House Water Filtration System

A quality point-of-entry whole-house water filtration system is the first line of defense to pull out particulates, sediment and lead* from a home’s water supply. Not only does this system tackle every tap, but it protects anyone or anything that consumes water.

Unfortunately, not all water filtration systems are created equal. If you’re considering expanding your water filtration lineup, here are some important things to look for and recommend to contractors in a quality system.

1. Easy Installation

If you want to earn the trust of installation professionals, provide them with a product that can make their jobs simpler. One of the easiest ways to make installation quicker is to carry a product that can accommodate both horizontal and vertical plumbing. This will help them install the system directly into the existing pipe structure and may cut their work time in half.

A good system will also provide tight-sealing, push-to-connect fittings. These will help your customers install the system using fewer tools and little to no soldering for standard ¾” or 1” piping. Look for a system that will quickly and easily guide contractors on proper placement and the right location to cut the piping directly into the unit.

2. Lead Removal at Every Tap

In areas where water quality has been questioned, a filtration system that can effectively remove harmful contaminants — especially lead* — is a great option for contractors to offer their customers. While this requires more heavy-duty filters, that doesn’t mean the filter-changing process needs to be complicated. Your customers will want to recommend a product that has an easy-change filter with a variety of capabilities, depending on the water supply where they live.

Typically, systems will offer a basic filter to ensure sand and other sediments are cleared from the water supply. More advanced filters will remove any chlorine that many communities use to treat the water, improving the taste and smell of the water supply. Finally, you’ll have premium filters that will remove all contaminants from the water, including lead. These filter types are a great selling point for contractors to offer homeowners and upsell new products — including filters that need to be replaced about every three months.

3. Remote Water Monitoring with Leak Detect

The rest of our list centers around features requiring wireless internet connectivity to the Smart water filtration system. While this feature isn’t an absolute necessity, the convenience it provides makes it a must-have for your inventory. As homes become more reliant on smart, remote technology, homeowners will look to contractors to provide new, innovative solutions such as these.

For example, a filtration system with an onboard WiFi connection and corresponding smartphone app can keep homeowners constantly updated with helpful information such as how much water they’re using on a daily basis or when they need to change their water filter for improved quality.

This capability can also be an invaluable tool if something goes wrong. Detailed water-flow alerts can immediately notify homeowners that there’s an issue with their water line, such as a potential leak or even alert them to changes to water temperature to avoid frozen pipes.

4. Remote Water Shut Off

Alerting homeowners to a problem won’t do much good if there isn’t an opportunity to immediately solve it. Thanks to WiFi-enabled Smart water filtration systems, these issues can be helped with a quick tap of a button — no matter where the homeowner is. A system with a remote shut-off feature can stop trouble before it starts, immediately halting the flow of water until the source of the problem can be determined.

5. Remote Bypass Mode

While we’re on the subject of water filters, there are times when using filtered water isn’t necessary, such as watering the grass or washing the car. Providing an option to have water bypass the filter helps homeowners avoid wasting precious filter life. This is a great option to recommend when using water for tasks that don’t involve consumption from people or animals. Your customers can add immense homeowner value by reinforcing how simple it is to turn the bypass mode on and off remotely or manually when necessary.

The Right Unit Makes All The Difference

Carrying a quality point-of-entry whole-home water filtration system won’t only benefit the end user, but it can also be a strong selling point for your customers who install them. With so many advancements in water-filtration technology, there are a host of new benefits to choose from, making life easier for contractors and homeowners alike.

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*Lead reduction with Premium Filter FTHLM