A Ducted Residential HVAC System Built for Pros

A Ducted Residential HVAC System Built for Pros

At GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions, we wanted to introduce a new lineup of systems that homeowners could trust and that professionals would appreciate.

We meticulously designed our new line of residential ducted HVAC products to help make contractors’ jobs easier and their customers happier. Let’s take a look at how this lineup does just that.

Brand Trust Makes an Easier Sell

For decades, consumers have come to know and trust the GE Appliances brand. That’s why half of the households in America have a GE Appliances product in their home.*

While we’ve built these products with the technician in mind, we’re also committed to giving homeowners a product that will meet their needs and exceed their expectations.

Living up to the iconic GE brand means creating tough, thoroughly tested products that contractors and their customers can trust. Each product has been rigorously tested and run through extreme conditions to ensure they stand up to anything — including extreme hot and cold climate conditions.

As if that wasn’t incentive enough, when units are registered, we provide a 10-year warranty across products with a lifetime warranty on our furnace heat exchangers.

a showcase of residential ducted HVAC products

Dedicated to the Pro’s Success

GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions’ residential ducted HVAC line provides solutions for most applications, including:

  • Air conditioners
  • Air handlers
  • Evaporator coils
  • Gas furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Packaged units

Our products are designed to help contractors get the job done faster and make selling to the homeowner easier.

“From inverter-driven heat pumps to high-efficiency gas furnaces, we’ve designed a complete and new residential HVAC line to reduce downtime for our pros and energy bills for our consumers,” said Andrew Twitty, director of product management.

Enhanced Efficiency on the Job

We developed our residential ducted HVAC lineup with features to enhance the installation process and help contractors be even more productive. Each product was designed with one question in mind: What is most important to the service technician?

Here are a few examples of how these products answer that question:

Condensing Units

Durable 45-degree service valves make gauge access easier, reducing bending and twisting. These units also feature a user-friendly, easy-access design that includes common-sized screws throughout. Add in a removable wire fan guard, and you have a machine designed for easy installation, getting in and out of a job more quickly.

Gas Furnace

Have you ever shown up to a job that requires a horizontal installation, forcing you to change out a bunch of parts and components? That’s why our new Insta-Position Technology is one of the highlights of our new gas furnace. It was specially designed for installation in multiple positions without internal conversions, eliminating the hassle of shifting components around. At 33 inches tall, the gas furnace also fits into more spaces while taking up less room.

By adding preformed flanges designed to easily fit matching evaporator coils, we built a furnace with frustration-free installation, reducing both installation time and possible damage.

Finally, with open-backed electrical connections, you can quickly get readings without removing wires, saving time in testing components.

Packaged Units

With a zero-inch clearance design, our packaged units save homeowners valuable space and are easy to install against the house structure.

We arranged the most critical components of our packaged units in a simplified design that gives contractors more space to work. This, in turn, means contractors can save extra time on each job.

Meeting 2023 Regulatory Standards

Our full lineup is already designed to meet the national regulatory changes going into effect in January 2023 with higher seasonal energy efficiency ratio ratings and heating seasonal performance factor ratings, exceeding the new national and regional standards.

The new line is also built to meet strict regulations for low NOx (nitrogen oxide) and ultra-low NOx emissions for certain areas. Our ultra-low NOx gas furnace reduces emissions — providing a healthier alternative for customers and the environment.

Visit our residential ducted HVAC website to learn more about these pro-centric products and how they can help support and build your business.

*Based on major appliances; does not include HVAC products.