Closing the Sale on a Ducted Residential HVAC System Just Became Easier

Closing the Sale on a Ducted Residential HVAC System Just Became Easier

More and more contractors are looking for a residential ducted HVAC system that’s built with their unique needs in mind. The right product line not only makes installation and maintenance easier, but it also provides easy-to-sell features that homeowners will appreciate. To meet this desire, GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions developed a new line of residential ducted systems built for professionals.

Want to earn your customers’ trust out of the gate? Start by selling the brand that stands up to rigorous testing as well as the test of time. That’s why our products are already in 50% of households in America.*

Follow along as we go through the features that make condenser units, gas furnaces and packaged units easier to sell to homeowners — and better choices for your customers in the long run.

A Customer-Friendly Warranty

A solid warranty is one of the most important and comforting features for homeowners when investing in a ducted residential HVAC system. With the new GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions lineup, customers can double the standard five-year warranty simply by registering their units. The condensing units and gas furnaces come with a lifetime warranty on the heat exchanger. All of these combine to provide peace of mind for homeowners.

Condenser Unit Features

Quiet Operation

The world is noisy enough. Homes shouldn’t be. From absorbing loud vibrations to lowering fan speeds, look for units that are specifically designed to run quietly.

Great Performance, Less Cost

Inverter technology can help achieve outstanding efficiency and lower energy bills.

Anticorrosion Coils

Durable tube and fin aluminum alloy coils help ward off corrosion and can help extend the life of the unit.

Optimal Airflow

A unique louver design and fan blade create optimal airflow for better performance in more severe conditions.

Gas Furnace Features

Quiet Operation

With smaller, more efficient burners, a startup without clicks and whooshes, and an insulated heat exchanger compartment, these gas furnaces are designed to make heat, not noise.

100,000-Cycle-Tested Heat Exchanger

When you tell a customer they can rely on the durability of a product, you shouldn’t have to cross your fingers. GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions builds and tests its furnaces, so contractors can stand behind what they say.

Better Energy Efficiency

Homeowners save money on their energy bills using furnaces with 97% annual fuel utilization efficiency.

Low and Ultralow NOx

Ultralow NOx units produce 65% less nitrogen oxide emissions, helping mitigate potential health problems and caring for our planet.

Packaged Unit Features

Efficient to the Max

Look for a brand with both standard and high-efficiency packaged unit options. Higher efficiency means lower energy bills for homeowners.

Designed to Stay Dry

A built-in float switch and sloped drain pan will help keep moisture out and humidity under control. An antimicrobial drain pan helps keep mold, mildew and other unwanted microbes out of the unit and the air in the home.

Tough and Tested

The best units have been tested under extreme climate conditions and subjected to 500 hours of salt spray, so you know they’re going to perform. They’ve been through extreme transit testing, too, helping prevent damage on the way to the jobsite. These tests add up to peace of mind for the homeowner — and for you.

See how the GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions lineup of residential ducted HVAC products is specifically designed to meet the needs of HVAC professionals and checks all the boxes, making selling to customers even easier.

*Based on major appliances; does not include HVAC products.