Enhance Your Product Offering With the RealMAX® Water Heater Series

Enhance Your Product Offering With the RealMAX® Water Heater Series

At GE Appliances, our Air & Water Solutions team is committed to creating innovative products that will change the water heating industry for the better.

That’s why we are proud to introduce the RealMAX® series of water heaters. This product line will elevate the industry standard while providing effective solutions for your customers and the end consumer.

The Next Generation of Water Heaters

RealMAX water heaters deliver on performance and capacity: the capacity listed on the tank is exactly what it holds, providing users with more hot water when they need it. Typically, water heaters don’t hold the actual amount of water consumers think they’re getting. GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions is excited to introduce a full-capacity water heater line for 30-, 40- and 50-gallon tanks.

Higher Performance

An impeccable first-hour rating is one of the biggest selling points of the RealMAX line. Our electric model delivers up to 20% more hot water than typical water heaters, and our gas model produces up to 10% more water. By holding and providing more hot water than most brands, our water heaters ensure your end consumer will be satisfied and their hot water needs will be met.

Faster Recovery Rate

A 5,500-watt heating element is one of the reasons the RealMAX water heater is so effective. Using a higher wattage helps recover more hot water in less time. In fact, the RealMAX generates 25 gallons in an hour compared to the typical 4,500-watt water heaters, which generate 20 gallons of hot water an hour.

Built to Last

The RealMAX water heater is a product we’re proud to stand behind. While brands across the industry offer six-, nine- and 12-year warranties, each of our water heaters comes with an eight-, 10- or 12-year warranty. By building a better product, we are passing incredible value down from plumbers to the end consumer. Every element of the RealMAX water heater was designed to meet Department of Energy standards, providing consumers with extra confidence and peace of mind.

Increased Availability and Simpler Distribution

With an unparalleled distribution network, GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions offers more flexibility for distributors — no matter how many locations they have. For dealers located near our primary distribution centers, we offer will call pickup in two to three days.

Rather than forcing a build-to-order supply model, we build to future orders, meaning we can deliver shipments faster. We also provide five-to-seven-day free shipping on orders anywhere from 15 units to a full truckload, providing you with more options to meet the unique needs of your customers.

Our team at GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions is proud to introduce the next generation of water heating technology with our RealMAX series. See the difference in our products for yourself, or fill out this short, one-minute form and a member of our team will reach out to you directly.