GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions Announces New  2-Way Energy Management Thermostat

GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions Announces New 2-Way Energy Management Thermostat

LOUISVILLE, KY — October 23, 2023 — GE Appliances (GEA), a Haier company, Air & Water Solutions has launched a communicating 2-Way Energy Management Thermostat, the RAK190V.


With a one-way and two-way communication configuration, this thermostat can control new variable speed inverter models and works on all legacy GEA products, making it ideal for the senior living and the hospitality industry.


The 2-Way Energy Management Thermostat one-way communication configuration works with all traditional six-, seven- and eight-wire setups. It is equipped with an occupancy sensor and energy-saving offsets, meaning the sensor will initiate energy-saving setbacks when the room is vacated. Or it can be programmed for scheduled occupancy, which provides temperature setbacks in a defined time window.


The one-way communication configuration thermostat has two configurable aux outputs to control makeup air, lighting, aux fans and more.


The 2-Way Energy Management Thermostat two-way communication configuration can be used with inverter models only and offers full-range, true variable, speed inverter control capabilities. It also has a five-wire hookup for traditional t-stat wiring. With enhanced humidity sensing, the thermostat allows users to set mode/temperature on the thermostat, on the unit or via SmartHQ™ online tools.

The unit has a sleek, modern white design with a black-cap touch screen and a large, white LED display allowing for easy reading. There is also an auto-dimming feature for nighttime.


“This thermostat is transformative for the hospitality and senior living communities, works on all our legacy products and has a bright, easy-to-read display,” said Rob Koller, commercial director at GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions.