How GE Zoneline® UltimateV12™ Benefits Indoor Air Quality and More

How GE Zoneline® UltimateV12™ Benefits Indoor Air Quality and More

Besides keeping a room cool, air conditioners should also promote high interior air quality in a structure. When it comes to different spaces in multiroom structures — such as multifamily homes, hotels, motels and assisted living facilities — Single Package Vertical Units excel.

That’s where our Zoneline® UltimateV12™ system comes in. Representing a step up from our UltimateV10™ system, this unit brings a new level of intelligence and performance to this product line. Whether you’re looking for a new vertical system to sell to your clients or seeking one to install in your next project, let’s dive into what makes this unit different, some of its unique features and how it can benefit your business.

What is the UltimateV12 vertical system?

The UltimateV12 is a Single Package Vertical Unit system. It features all the standard elements you’ve come to expect from the GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions Zoneline product line, including ultra-quiet cooling, the Insta-Platform™, SmartHQ™ Wi-Fi capabilities and more.

The UltimateV12 is designed with both hospitality and residential property owners and architects in mind. We wanted to create a product that will help save our customers and partners time and money.

What are some of the UltimateV12’s unique features and benefits?

Three main features set the UltimateV12 apart from the competition.

Adjustable-Speed Makeup Air

Makeup air technology brings fresh air from an exterior space to an interior one to refresh air quality. Adjustable-speed fan technology and makeup air provide precise airflow for multiple specified applications. For example, makeup air delivery can be cycled based on occupancy using a compatible thermostat yielding energy savings. In addition, a MERV13 filter kit is available for the UltimateV12 to ensure that incoming makeup air is consistently high quality.

Inverter Technology

Inverter technology allows UltimateV12 units to recover and cool air faster than ever before. This variable-speed operation also provides increased sound quality as well as enhanced dehumidification. This technology provides occupants with consistent room temperature and a comfortable indoor environment.


Insta-Platform is a proprietary system that eliminates the need for on-site customized platform construction, which saves both time and money during installation. This technology also includes other built-in features, such as a self-contained drainage system, fast-connect plumbing features and a self-aligning lock-in-place system.

Besides these three pillars, the UltimateV12 has a host of other features that keep it on the cutting edge:

  • A quick-install plenum
  • SmartHQ Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Onboard diagnostics
  • Reverse defrost cycle
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Corrosion protection

To learn more about the Zoneline UltimateV12 system and how it can serve you, please fill out this short form and have an expert contact you directly.