Quality Heat Pumps and Exceptional Service Help Boost HVAC Repair Business

Quality Heat Pumps and Exceptional Service Help Boost HVAC Repair Business

Cory Furkey, Owner, Rapid City Repair

For over 20 years, HVAC expert Cory Furkey has served the Sault Ste. Marie community in Ontario, Canada. The HVAC technician founded Rapid City Repair Heating and Cooling in 2019.

Rapid City Repair is a proud dealer of GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions products. We talked with Cory about some of the HVAC trends he experiences in the field and why strong relationships with manufacturers are crucial to help build up a business like Rapid City Repair.

What is the most significant HVAC trend you’re experiencing right now?

Ductless heat pumps have taken off in recent years. I think a lot of this stems from the Canada Greener Homes Grant that gives homeowners a healthy rebate — up to $5,000 — when installing approved equipment in their homes. The heat pumps from GE Appliances - a Haier Company meet the criteria.

These heat pumps are popular not only because of rebates but also because they meet the needs of consumers who are environmentally conscious. These products don’t use fossil fuels, are energy efficient and produce fewer emissions in the air (than alternatives).

I think heat pump technology has evolved to a point that people are trusting heat pumps as a primary heat source in their homes. More than ever, customers, especially those working from home, are aware of how comfortable their home is. That means they’re also more in tune with their HVAC equipment.

The newest heat pumps perform effectively even in harsh winter months and with minimal backup. Traditionally, heat pumps become less efficient and supply less heat at much milder temperatures. GE Appliances Air & Water Heat Pumps provide exceptional year-round comfort with 100% rated heating capacity at -15ºC and comfortably warm air down to -35ºC.

How have GE Appliances Air & Water products helped your business?

The products are high-end. The GE Appliances and Haier heat pumps can run at lower temperatures than other products in the market. That gives me a major advantage over my competitors, especially in our colder Canadian climate.

The products are incredibly efficient. We recently tested a pilot program with a customer who builds sustainable houses run from a solar-powered generator. In one of his homes, we installed an Arctic Single-Zone Heat Pump that can run on 1,000 watts of power or less. The heat pump runs perfectly off the solar generator without draining its power.

My house has never been so comfortable, and my bills have been cut in half.

These products are as efficient as advertised. We recently installed a three-zone ductless heat pump for one of our customers, and he sent me a message saying, “My house has never been so comfortable, and my bills have been cut in half.”

We’ve tested other equipment, and it doesn’t live up to our expectations.

How would you describe your relationship with GE Appliances Air & Water, and what makes the partnership work for your business?

I appreciate how simple it is to work with them. It’s easy to communicate, we have direct lines to their technical support team, they’ve made the installation process simpler, and warranty registration is much easier.

The support has been fantastic. They are always quick to respond, day or night. They listen to our needs and concerns and do everything they can to resolve them. They take our problems and do what they can to come up with viable solutions. It truly feels like a partnership.

I think a lot of it comes down to the GE Appliances brand. I like that it’s a household name that puts people at ease right away. It does that for me too. I know I’m dealing with an established, reputable brand that has a lot of products, and I know I’ll be able to talk to someone about the products if needed.

Being a true dealer brand with a well-thought-out and feature-rich dealer program, they’ve made it easier to invest with them and focus on growing my business in my market without having to fight over saturation of installing contractors.

As a trusted air and water partner, we’re committed to delivering real-life solutions for contractors on the front line through our wholesale distribution partners. Contact us today for dealership opportunities or to see how we can help your business continue moving forward.