Single Packaged Vertical Unit Air Conditioners: 6 Key Differentiators

Single Packaged Vertical Unit Air Conditioners: 6 Key Differentiators

The ultimate single packaged vertical unit air conditioner (SPVU) not only provides endless comfort and peace of mind but it’s also designed for simple installation and easy maintenance.

At GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions, we brought these benefits to life with the GE Zoneline® UltimateV12™. Improving upon the simplicity and performance of the popular UltimateV10™ unit, the UltimateV12 provides even greater efficiency, enhances air quality and utilizes advanced features to bring you the latest in technology in vertical terminal air conditioners (VTAC) and SPVUs.

Let’s walk through six important advancements that allow the GE Zoneline UltimateV12 to produce excellent benefits.

1. Conditioned Makeup Air

Makeup air is becoming more and more critical as it’s required in many new construction projects and the cost to duct makeup air to individual rooms is high. Using a dedicated, adjustable speed makeup air fan to deliver room-specific volumes of conditioned makeup air — up to 70 cubic feet per minute (CFM) — the UltimateV12 provides a cost-effective solution to meet this industry need.

In applications when make-up air is only needed when a space is occupied, makeup air delivery can be cycled using a compatible occupancy-detecting thermostat. Using the occupancy output signal from a thermostat, the V12 can be set to turn off the make-up air fan and close the make-up air damper door. This offers the possibility of substantial energy savings by avoiding the unnecessary conditioning of outdoor air.

For projects requiring highly filtered makeup air, the optional RAA13V makeup air filter provides MERV13 level filtration that stops most dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, viruses and other airborne pathogens from entering the room.

This system provides clean, conditioned makeup air that helps improve the overall indoor air quality of any room.

2. A Highly Efficient, Variable Speed VTAC

Regarding energy consumption, the UltimateV12 was expertly designed with greater efficiency in mind. It boasts incredibly high ratings in the following categories:

  • EER: 11.6
  • COP: 3.6
  • IEER: 20.0

Its true variable speed compressor and advanced defrost capability allow for optimal heat pump operation down to 0°F, increasing energy savings.

Thanks to its latest inverter technology, the unit targets long and slow cycles to maximize time operating at high efficiency and V12’s quick recovery time helps it run fast to catch up to the desired temperature. It not only improves efficiency, but the inverter reduces sound and improves dehumidification for a better night of sleep.

3. Rust Protection

The Zoneline UltimateV12 was also designed to preserve outdoor components. Its exclusive rustproof basepan and bulkhead, coated outdoor coil with quick-access cover and stainless-steel parts make it more durable, simpler to service and easier to maintain.

4. Onboard Diagnostics

The UltimateV12 uses advanced technology and proprietary algorithms to achieve maximum performance and efficiency. Its extensive library of up to 24 fault codes lets you know exactly what is happening with the system, including issues such as:

  • Inside and outside fan faults
  • External thermostat wiring
  • Thermistor faults
  • Abnormal defrost

The system’s Service Mode is critical in diagnosing electronic controls. For example, if a thermistor is bad, it may not allow the compressor or heater to energize. Service Mode allows you to test unit operations such as heating and cooling independently, without the typically needed thermistor and thermostat inputs.

While most units with advanced technology require a particular set of skills to diagnose and repair failures, the UltimateV12’s onboard diagnostics provide critical information, getting the unit back in operation faster.

5. Smart Technology

The Zoneline UltimateV12 has SmartHQ™ management capabilities. SmartHQ is a cloud-based technology that provides your customers enhanced visibility into their fleet's performance using a mobile device from anywhere,* improving the resident or tenant experience.


  • Track model and serial numbers
  • Check firmware
  • Run performance reports
  • Monitor component status via the diagnostics tab
  • Provide individual or batch control of:
    • On/off button
    • Temperature adjustments
    • Smart fan
    • Continuous fan
    • Maximum and minimum set points for both heating and cooling

Firmware updates

6. Easy Installation and Maintenance

The installation, service and maintenance of vertical air conditioners can be time-consuming, but the Zoneline UltimateV12 is engineered for simplicity. The Insta-Platform™ and Quick-Install Plenum dramatically reduce installation time by 60%.**

The same quick-install system that improves installation also makes the removal of the system quicker, speeding up maintenance. In addition, the quick-access outdoor coil cover reduces the number of parts and components that need to be removed for maintenance.

The UltimateV12 isn’t just a vertical air conditioner. It’s an advanced VTAC system of simplicity, efficiency and ease.

Read more about the GE Zoneline UltimateV12 or fill out this short, one-minute form and a member of the GE Appliances Air & Water team will reach out to you directly.

*Compared to Friedrich Vert-I-Pak models or GEA AZ91 series models, including installing and building a platform.