What is a VTAC unit?

What is a VTAC unit?

If you’re looking for an efficient cooling option that is neither seen nor heard by your guests or residents, the vertical terminal air conditioning unit, or VTAC, is an option you will want to consider.

A VTAC is essentially the vertical design of a packaged terminal air conditioner, or PTAC. Everything is kept together in one internal unit, and the airflow is vertical.

Who should consider a VTAC unit?

While the PTAC and VTAC options may seem fairly similar, the VTAC provides a more homelike feel, perfect for multifamily communities or high-end hotel rooms. Framed into a closet, these units remain unseen except for registers built into the walls for airflow. And because VTACs are efficient and unobtrusive, residents and guests feel the comfort without even recognizing the unit’s presence.

An added benefit of the vertically packaged design is that it provides a simple ducting system, allowing one unit to accommodate multiple rooms at the same time. The main ductwork is concealed in the closet where the unit is housed while trunk lines are run to different rooms from that same closet. The vertical structure allows the ducts to go up and over the ceiling into multiple spaces simultaneously.

Are they easy to install?

While a VTAC unit provides plenty of advantages, it presents some difficulties, typically on the unit’s installation. That’s because there are no common installation methods between manufacturers. Most manufacturers don’t provide a recommended approach, placing the onus of design and building onto property owners.

Thankfully, the GE Zoneline® UltimateV10™ provides everything necessary for easy installation. From a quick-install plenum to fast-connect plumbing, its efficiency is unmatched.

Are they easy to maintain?

VTAC units are easy to maintain and replace. Rather than trying to service an entire building system from a rooftop, you can access and work on units in the room they’re located. With everything packaged in one unit, you need to replace only the portion that is in the room, without touching any other units, drastically simplifying the process.

What is the average life span of a VTAC unit?

Once installed, the typical life span of a VTAC unit is around 12 years. Keep in mind that this life span is heavily dependent on the geographic location in which it’s used and how routinely it’s maintained.

If a VTAC unit is what your project needs, watch a short video to learn more about the Zoneline® UltimateV10 and its industry-leading design.